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Tyre Services
  • All Size All Brand Tyres Sale

  • Tyre fitting

  • Wheel Balancing

  • Puncture Repair

  • Wheel Rotation

  • Tyre disposal

Changing the Tire
Changing Filter
Lube Service starts from $99**
  • Replace engine Oil

  • Replace engine oil filter

  • Electric battery condition check

  • Check all water level and top up*

  • Check radiator and coolant top up*

  • Check power steering fluid and top up*

  • Check steering and suspension

  • Check brakes

  • Check brake fluid and top up*

  • Check transmission oil level

Roadside Assistance
  • Battery jump start

  • Onsite puncture repair

  • Fuel Recovery

  • Mobile Battery Replacement

  • Starter Motor Replacement

Changing Filter
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